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Newborn Girl Model Call

April 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Thank you for your interest in our newborn model call! Please read the Q&A section and fill out and submit the form below and we will contact you within a few days!


We have just gotten in tons of new wraps and props and items and are looking for a baby GIRL for our newborn model call smile emoticon If you are expecting or know someone who is in the next few weeks or maybe just has a baby (within the last 5 days), we'd love to speak with them (the parents not the baby smile emoticon )



The session will take place in my studio and be 1-3 hours in length. All newborn clothing and props will be provided.

To be eligible parent/baby must:

Be between 4-14days old 
Sign a model release, allowing images to be used
Be available for a weekday morning portrait session.
In return, you will receive a complimentary session & 3 high resolution digital images with print release.

There is no obligation to purchase, however additional products and digital images are available for purchase.

We understand that any baby brings a big change to a family ! We know you will have questions about how the session will go and how the images of the baby and your family will be used. Here are a few questions that we thought parents may have:


Q: How old does the newborn need to be for the session

A: If the baby was born at full term we will schedule the session within the first 4-14 days of life, please contact us directly if the babies were born early


Q: Where will the session be held? Can it be held in our home?

A: For this model call the session will be held in our new studio in Ellicott City. If you'd like to book a session in your home we'd love to talk to you about our in-home sessions and packages, at the moment we are not conducting model calls in-home. 


Q: Can I give you examples of things I've seen on Pinterest that I'd like to have done, or can I bring props and things?

A: For this model call we will by styling the session with poses, blankets, props, wraps, hats, bonnets, and other things that we are excited to use for the session, if you'd like to add something to the session it will be done at the discretion of the photographer after all the pre-planned setups are completed. We cannot guarantee any specific poses or props being used, if this is important to you we'd love to speak with you about booking a full priced session. 


Q: What will the images be used for?

A: As this is a model call you are allowing us to use the images of your children and family in marketing, advertising, and any other promotional materials we see fit, we will never use the names of your children or family in any blog post or marketing materials. In our blog posts we like to use Baby "B" or the "B" Family. 


Q: What do I get for my time? And how long will the session last? 

A: The session will last between 2-3 hours and you will receive your choice of 3 digital images with print release from an online gallery. If you'd like to purchase additional files or products that will be an option and we will talk over our price list with you. Our gift prints begin at $25 and our digital files begin at $50. We also offer different packages and digital packages. 


Q: What do we need to do to prepare for the session?

A: After a contract and model release is signed we will discuss preparations instructions for a successful session, you will receive these in written form as well :)


Q: Can I have more than 3-digital files for our time? Is it negotiable?

A: As stated above the session will come with your choice of 3 files included for your time and you may purchase additional products and files. If having more up front is important to you, we'd be happy to book a full priced session with you!


Q: I'm concerned about taking my babyout of the house so soon after birth, and am bit concerned about germs, what is the cleaning policy in the studio?

A: We COMPLETEY understand the hesitation of taking the baby out of the house so soon after coming home and advise you to ask your physician or pediatrician about any concerns. Our studio is cleaned after every use (children, portraits, newborns, etc) and all of our blankets, wraps etc are washed with Dreft after each use. We take the health and safety of your babies very seriously and want this to be a fun and comfortable experience for all of you. 


Q: Do you offer "grow with me" packages? 

A: Yes!! And as you'll be getting the model call for free we recommend our 3 session package which could include a combination of  3-month, 6-month, 9-month and 1-year photos! These packages begin at $1200.


Q: I love how this sounds but I've already booked a newborn session with another professional photographer, can I still do this?

A: We are so happy that you already had plans to have your babies photographed! We are looking for a family that hasn't booked with another photographer already (and will sign a binding contract saying so), while we really appreciate your interest we want to make sure we are being fair to our fellow business owners! We'd love to see you in the future for your photographic needs!


Q: What about safety, do you have training?

A: As a professional photographer I take my craft very seriously, I have been through years of rigorous training to learn how to handle and pose babies properly, including training on their anatomy all poses are done with safety as a top priority and at no time will your baby be put in a compromising position. 


Q: I have other questions, what should I do to get them answered? 

A: Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!


Thank you for your interest in my newborn model call! Please fill out and submit the form below and I will contact you within a few days to let you know if your family has been chosen.


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