Private Photography Lessons

Please note these prices are for home/personal use ONLY. 

Professional, or aspiring photographers and designers who are at least 40 miles from 21042 please email us

directly for pricing. 


More recent reviews can be seen on our Facebook and Yelp! pages.

Do you or a loved one have a DSLR camera sitting at home that you’ve been afraid
to take off of the Auto setting?
Not sure what you are doing wrong or why your images are not coming out the
way you want them to? 
Are you looking for help on how to use your DSLR camera for better images? 
Need help with your equipment settings? 
Not sure what you are doing? 
Apple Of My Eye Photography is excited to offer in home photo lessons for
photographers of ALL AGES and levels.
We will come to your home, or meet you at a location of your choice (park, garden, we
have some great suggestions!) and together we will go over all you need to know about how to
craft beautiful images on your DSLR camera without using the AUTO setting, enabling you to feel
a sense of freedom in creating your own stunning memories!!
As these are personal lessons they will be tailored to your needs, level of experience as well as
your equipment. We'll go over some of the fundamental rules that will help you improve your
photography knowledge, from beginner to intermediate techniques. 
Some of the basic things we will cover include what TV and AV (Canon) and S and A (Nikon)
mean and how to use them, as well as how to shoot in Manual mode for the more advanced.
We'll talk about exposure, bracketing, shutter speed, aperture and ISO as well as metering and
other trips and tricks to get your photos just the way you envisioned it on the screen. 
We'll also go over natural lighting and how to achieve beautiful sharp pictures and positioning
without shadows on your subjects face. If macro photography is what you are interested in we'll
talk about what lenses you might want to consider to improve your shooting, as well as lighting
and positioning of the camera. 
In addition to photo lessons we'll schedule a follow up lesson where we can help you learn some
tips and tricks about photo editing on your computer, as well as going over different photo editing programs. 



Once you Learn Light there is no limit to what you can create!
Lesson Type Number of Lessons Price Savings over purchasing individually
Beginner  2-hour Private Lesson for One 1 $175  -
2-hour Private Lesson for One 2 $315 $45 
2-hour Private Lesson for One 3 $420 $105
Beginner 2-hour Private Lesson for Two 1 $250 -
2-hour Private Lesson for Two 2 $450 $50
2-hour Private Lesson for Two 3 $600 $150
Beginner 2-hour Party Class for 5 People 1 $350  
Beginner 3-hour Party Class for 5 People 1 $450 -
1-hour Photo Editing Class for One 1 $200 -
2-hour Photo Editing Class for One 1 $325 -


Reviews for our Photo Lessons

Our most recent reviews can be found on our Facebook and Yelp! Pages 


"She was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and patient. I learned alot and

plan on getting more lessons from her. Highly recommend!!!!"

M.P. 5/24/2014


"Great teacher - very patient and made sure we were meeting our expectations for the class."

K.F. 5/11/2014


"Joey just had his lesson today, it went great! Shira really took the time to explain how to use the camera and

coached him on some practice shots."

A.R. 5/3/2014


"Very helpful information-customized to my knowledge and skill level."-

P.H. 4/26/2014


"Shira was very patient and thorough."-

B.J. 4/5/2014


"Shira was patient, kind and funny when teaching us (very, very new users) about our cameras. She made taking a good photo

easy to understand and I look forward to using my new camera more!"-

J.H. 3/10/2014


"I loved. The instructor was great. I would definitely recommend."-

C.H. 2/1/2014


"Photography class was great. We are novice photographers but she showed a lot of patience and offered good advice and guidance.

This was a positive experience after spending many hours on my own trying to figure out a very high end SLR camera. I highly recommend this class."-

B.R. 1/31/2014