I always feel so awkward writing about myself, given that I'm a pretty bubbly and outgoing person this may come as a surprise when you meet me, but fitting into why I'm the best fit for you in such a short space is a little overwhelming. Being able to help capture this moment in your life, whether it is an engagement or a wedding, or maybe the birth and newborn portraits of your first child (or second, or third), or a family growing or celebrating milestones, to senior portraits, to photos of your four legged friends, is such an honor and requires such trust and I'm thrilled to be considered.


I'm a writer and a photographer at heart. I photograph everything that I find interesting, different, amazing or just plain beautiful. I have a background in media and psychology which opens an opportunity for me to begin sharing other people's stories.

For me, photography is a way to tell your story. A way to capture your family dynamic, your relationships, your natural emotions. I feel the best images are the ones that show a slice of life, with characteristics of your relationships showcased in creative, natural and beautiful ways. Whether it's a senior getting ready to graduate from high school, a child giggling uncontrollably while blowing bubbles, capturing the glow between a couple in love, or a mother soothing her crying newborn, my work is about telling your family's story in this phase of your life.


I'm Shira, and I want to be your photographer, and as cliche as it may sound, capture the "Apple of YOUR eye"